Ezra Levant Fought To Keep Facts About Rebel New’s Possible ‘Influence’ On The Massacre Of 51 Innocent Muslims In Christchurch, NZ For Three Years

Mar 17, 2022

If you haven’t read Doug Saunders’ article on Ezra Levant suing EVERYONE to keep his influence on the alt-right serial killer who massacred 51 people in a Christchurch, NZ mosque, it’s absolutely fucking stunning.

I know A LOT of people in media and they all say the same thing when Rebel or that shit stain Ezra Levant’s names show up in passing conversations: “How the fuck is he not in jail and how the fuck is Rebel allowed to profiteer hate based on complete bullshit?”

Easy – he sues the SHIT out of people.

Doug Saunders is a report for the Globe (a good one).  He’s been following this story for three years and JUST published it this week because of those lawsuits.  In short, the Christchurch killer donated and was radicalized by a number of alt-right extremists outlets and Rebel was one of them.  After agencies found out, they asked Ezra and rebel about his involvement in radicalizing a white supremacist who executed 51 brown Muslims while they prayed. He response?  He took EVERYONE TO COURT because he didn’t want that factual news aired publicly.

And it worked.

Globe and Mail/Doug Saunders

There we go.  Now you get it because Doug Saunders took all the bullets, waited, and published a factual account of Rebel’s involvement in the radicalization of a racist white bag of fuck who systematically murdered 51 innocent men, women, and children three years ago.  Instead of having an internal meeting about their involvement, Ezra sued literally ANYONE who might have published or talked about Rebel’s connection to the Christchurch killer after purposely using hate speech and racist rhetoric to groom racial/religious hate behind the boilerplate of “Free Speech” and profit from ALL of it.

Here’s the rub: He fundraisers for these lawsuits by begging people for money to fight for free speech while preventing free speech privately with these bogus fucking lawsuits because he’s a coward. A pussy.  A legendary loser with the same decision-making ability as a lifelong pedophile.

Rebel has deleted a lot of the manifestos and posts calling for white genocide, but the internet is forever so you can still find these stirring articles written purely for foreign governments and theocratic losers on the old way back web machine.  Rebel deletes A LOT of inflammatory, racially charged theocratic hate, but only when something like this happens.  Ezra is tied into the algorithms and shares relationships with AIQ, FOX, and others bent on making the world a veritable Jesus freaked hardline shit hole.  That’s not why Rebel spews hate and hardline racist bullshit.  They do it because it

‘s VERY, VERY, VERY, VERY, profitable.   51 dead Muslims, is just a speedbump on the way to the bank for Ez.

Globe and Mail/Doug Saunders

Prediction: Rebel news will be GONE in 6 months and Ezra will be in a Christchurch NZ courtroom defending his overtly racist, hate-filled strategy.  in 12 months, Ezra will be in a Canadian courtroom giving up guys like Jeff Sylvester from AIQ while David Menzies shit’s his trenchcoat wondering why his boss is going to jail.

I talk to a lot of people who want disinformation to stop – the kind of people who can do something about it.  Ezra is going to go ‘through some things’ in 2022 and fuck the popcorn.  I’ll need 4 beach towels and a liter of Jergens.


Dean Blundell

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