Video: Nothing, Including 7 Feet Of Snow Can Stop Bills Mafia. Nothing.

Nov 19, 2022

Leave it to the good people of Buffalo to treat 7 feet of snow like an adventure/kegger.

Buffalo had another 100-year snowstorm yesterday, and it’s supposed to continue today. Up to 7 feet is expected in Buffalo/New Hamburg by tomorrow, and it was a fucking TRIP to watch from 100 miles away.

The NFL moved the Bills/Browns game to Detroit because there was no way they could prep the Stadium with this kind of a dump.

Besides digging out, Bills fans are on fire this morning, begging the Bills ownership group to include a dome on the Bills’ new Stadium project.

The people of Buffalo are shut in and being rescued from their homes and stranded vehicles this morning, and they’re tweeting about a domed stadium while being taken to warming centers with frostbite.

That’s how much the Bills matter to these people.

Bills Mafia babes President is one of them. She’s not letting 7 feet of snow prevent her from making it out of Buffalo and made sure to start the “Give Us A Done” campaign as she digs out for the 5-hour drive to Detroit.

Give them a Domed Stadium FFS.

Buffalo is the only place on earth where suffering is celebrated. These are the toughest people in America. Proud to be from the most unpredictable tough city in the United States. They don’t give a FUCK about anything other than civic pride and their Bills. Seven feet of snow is a speed bump in a quiet neighborhood to these hearty Zubaz pant-wearing hardos.

And Von Miller is IN.

Despite travel warnings, tens of thousands will dig out specifically to make the trip to Ford field this weekend, and THAT’S why I love Buffalo and the people in it. They look past oppression because they’ve been eating it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the past 150 years.

This is light work. It’s only nine beers deep. No biggie.

Dean Blundell

Dean Blundell is a Canadian radio personality. Best known as a longtime morning host on CFNY-FM (The Edge) in Toronto, Ontario. In 2015 he was named the new morning host on sports radio station CJCL (Sportsnet 590 The Fan). Dean started his career in radio in 2001 and for nearly 20 years been entertaining the radio audience. Dean’s newest venture is the launch of his site and podcast which is gaining tremendous momentum across North America.

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