3 Minutes That Matter: Ceasefire & Pierre Poilievre’s Bad Week

Nov 26, 2023

Marching in support of besieged Palestinian civilians is not antisemitic. Calling for a ceasefire is not antisemitic. Denouncing Israel’s far-right government is not antisemitic. But blaming ordinary Jewish people in Canada for the military actions of a foreign government is antisemitic. It is also antisemitic.. to suggest that Jewish people in Canada have no right to their fears because thousands of innocents are dying in Gaza.” Emma Teitel writing for the Toronto Star.

Pierre Poilievre did not have a good week. He ordered his caucus to vote against the update of a free trade deal with Ukraine – claimed it had something to do with his favourite political football that he can’t stop kicking – the carbon tax…every conservative must swear allegiance to being opposed to the carbon tax even when the bill they are voting is as connected to the carbon tax as the Israel Hamas war is connected to pineapple juice…So Poilievre wasn’t having a week trying to justify denying aid to Ukraine ….made him look like just a putrid Putin hand puppet and then there was the car accident on the American side of Niagara Falls. It happened during Question Period in the Commons and Poilievre insisted it was terrorism. Why does Fox say so? The following day when a Canadian Press journalist asked him about jumping the gun, he jumped on the journalist the way a sugar addict jumps on a bag of Reeses Pieces. Poilievre looked like a bully, like a jerk, like an insecure little man. Hard to believe that much insecurity in a person whose party is leading the governing Liberals by double digits. Poilievre’s corps of sycophants is focused on media coverage of Poilievre’s terrible week by claiming the media dogpiling dear leader because the government is subsidizing media and so the media hounds are gratefully licking their master. My master is the clock. My time is up.

Charles Adler

Charles Adler is a Hungarian-Canadian writer/broadcaster and political commentator, most noted as a former host of the newsmagazine series Global Sunday and as host of the syndicated radio talk show Charles Adler Tonight on the Global News radio network from 2016 until 2021

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