3 Minutes That Matter: Danielle Smith, Ford Government, Zelenskyy, Jimmy Carter

Sep 23, 2023

In the fall of 1971 a man identifying himself as DB Cooper hijacked a plane flying from Portland to Seattle. He said he was carrying a bomb in his suitcase. When they landed he allowed the passengers and crew to get out, shook down the airline for 200,000 dollars, more than a million dollars in today’s money. He boarded another plane which he jumped out of in the woods of Washington State. He got away without a trace. Danielle Smith is not as crafty as DB Cooper. But the Alberta Premier is trying to shake down Canada’s Pension Fund, says Albertans have a right to more than 50% of it -amounting to more than 330 Billion dollars. The Feds aren’t buying that. A renowned Alberta economist named Trevor Tombe isn’t buying it either. Danielle Smith isn’t DB Cooper. She won’t make it off with the money. But it won’t be for lack of trying. She is a serial fantasist, believing her own BS and so the story will continue to play out as Smith tries to set up Alberta’s own Pension fund by raiding Canada’s. She feels Alberta is entitled to 53% of what’s in the Canadian fund. The Alberta economist says Alberta’s genuine contribution is between 20 and 25%…By the way, Alberta has 10% of the Canadian population.

Rats continue to leave the sinking ship known as the Ford Government in Ontario. Monte McNaughton is the third cabinet minister in as many weeks to be leaving. The provincial Labour Minister says he wants to go back to the private sector and his departure has nothing to do with politics. At one time McNaughton himself as a future premier, saw Doug Ford as the ticket to his ambitions. But McNaugton like so many others since the Greenbelt scandal took hold, now sees a Ford ticket as a counterfeit ticket.

The hero of the Democratic world. Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy was in Ottawa today, in Parliament. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying Canada is with Ukraine for the long run.

And in the state of Georgia, former US President Jimmy Carter is in hospice care, end of life care, has been in a hospice now for seven months. His family expected him to be there for seven days. But he will soon be celebrating his 99th birthday there. His spirit is indomitable as he continues to fool modern medicine and survive a number of disorders against all odds. Some say one of the reasons he continues to survive is a desire to see the Atlanta Braves win the world series again. Good luck President Carter and Good luck to the Braves.

Charles Adler

Charles Adler is a Hungarian-Canadian writer/broadcaster and political commentator, most noted as a former host of the newsmagazine series Global Sunday and as host of the syndicated radio talk show Charles Adler Tonight on the Global News radio network from 2016 until 2021

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