3 Minutes That Matter: JD Vance, Jimmy Carter, The Toronto Blue Jays Make The Playoffs

Oct 1, 2023

D Vance is a smart person, an educated person, an author. Unfortunately this highly educated author in the highly polarized political system that generates boatloads of buffoonery is offering crazy talk on Russia and Ukraine and why people support the latter. JD Vance on Twitter says “A lot of the anti-Russia obsession on the left has nothing to do with Ukraine. It’s a revenge fantasy over 2016. They blame Russia for Donald Trump’s election and they’ll bleed Ukraine dry for payback.” My response to JD Vance is as follows. “So if human beings feel revulsion about Putin’s War Crimes against Men Women & Children, it must make them left wingers with a chips on their shoulders about Putin’s support for Trump. This absurd message is why Politics depresses people. They lose touch with their own humanity.” I could continue, but I won’t. I will only say this for now. If the US and its NATO allies stop support for Ukraine, they are supporting Putin and Russian expansionism which would result in war crimes against other countries neighboring Ukraine. That would include Poland. The Polish people don’t oppose Russia because Russia loves Trump. The Polish people know that Putin would love to murder as many of them as possible.

Former US President Jimmy Carter is celebrating a birthday many thought he would never see. A host of medical difficulties have seen Carter being moved to end-of-life care in a hospice. But the end, which is likely near, is not near enough to stop the former leader from celebrating his 99th birthday on this day, October 1st, 2023. Happy Birthday Jimmy Carter.

The Blue Jays are in the playoffs, on the arduous road to the World Series. They have achieved a Wild Card berth by virtue of the Seattle Mariners losing to the Texas Rangers. This is the 3rd time in the last 4 years that the Jays have made it into the Wildcard Round. It has been a dead end for them every time. Toronto Fans hope this time may be different. If those words sound familiar to you it’s because you hear them said every year about the Maple Leafs. Good luck Toronto.

Some fellow Manitobans are asking me whether I am endorsing the Manitoba PCs in the Tuesday, October 3rd election. In my recent Free Press column I wrote a lot of things about an amateur trashy dog whistling useless campaign run by a party I have voted for numerous times. No, I am not endorsing them. As I wrote in my Free Press column, I now view the party of Duff Roblin as the party of Maxime Bernier. Au Revoir.

Charles Adler

Charles Adler is a Hungarian-Canadian writer/broadcaster and political commentator, most noted as a former host of the newsmagazine series Global Sunday and as host of the syndicated radio talk show Charles Adler Tonight on the Global News radio network from 2016 until 2021

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