3 Minutes That Matter: New Nanos National Poll, Cassidy Hutchinson & Anthony Rota Nazi Blunder

Sep 26, 2023

New Nanos National Poll: Conservatives 36, Liberals 29, NDP 21, BQ 7, Greens 5, PPC 2…..Question: What do these numbers mean 2 years out? I mean the next election is 2 years away – 24 months away- more than 720 News Cycles away. So what does the 36 – 28 lead the Conservatives have over the Liberals? What does that number mean in the real world two years from today: The Correct Answer: Nothing Nada Zero. Sweet F-all. You may ask why is media is filled with polling data every day even two years away from an election. The Answer it costs nothing. No media organization has to pay for worthless filler. It costs them nothing. So what is it worth to us? Nothing.

In the United States, Cassidy Hutchinson worked for top people in the Trump administration including his sleazebag chief of staff Mark Meadows who is among the many indicted in the January 6th attempted insurrection. Cassidy Hutchinson in her news book Trump chanted along with those at the stops of Capitol Hill, demanding to “hang Mike Pence” Trump was watching it all on live TV 2 years and nine months ago and today the man who was enjoying watching a lynch mob assaulting police officers, destroying public property and threatening to hang his Vice President has the support of the overwhelming majority of Republican Primary Voters. Is the world over they edge, nut bar? The correct answer is Yes Yes Yes Yes. Hang Mike Pence being said by a US President. Can that be true? Yes, it can.

House of Speaker Anthony Rota, it was his office that mistakenly invited a 98 yr old Nazi to the Press Gallery in the House of Commons. He continues to say he accepts responsibility but does not want to resign. But probably will because he will be pushed. This isn’t Russia So he won’t be pushed out of a window. But he will be pushed. I don’t think he has internalized the damage done to Canadian democracy’s House. Perhaps he needs to read more about the mass murdering unit, the 98 yr old visitor was with. This was not an ordinary group of soldiers. These men were enthusiastic accomplices of Genocide. He has said I’m sorry. It’s not likely to be enough and so a person whose name you never heard of will likely go back to being a nobody, still drawing a salary as a Member of Parliament, still eligible for a pension, but no longer the speaker of the House. By the way, he’s the 37th speaker we’ve had since this experiment called Canada began in 1867. Allow me to be the first to Goodbye, Mr. Speaker. Au Revoir. Adios!

That’s 3 minutes that matter in English French and Spanish. I’m Charles Adler

Charles Adler

Charles Adler is a Hungarian-Canadian writer/broadcaster and political commentator, most noted as a former host of the newsmagazine series Global Sunday and as host of the syndicated radio talk show Charles Adler Tonight on the Global News radio network from 2016 until 2021

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