3 MinutesThat Matter: Trump Meets The Press, Lauren Boebert Is An Idiot

Sep 18, 2023

Just in case you have never taken a course in Criminal law, you need to know that while you may not ever be forced to testify against yourself, that’s precisely what you’re doing, what Donald Trump is doing by taking his damn fool ego to Meet the Press and answering a direct question about his case. Asked whether he was listening to the advice of a lawyer or going with his instincts in trying to overturn the results of the election. He said it was him, his instincts, his judgement, his mindset that paved the path to January 6th. Even if Trump never takes the stand in the case against him the case against, he took the stand this morning confessed. It was me It was me. No, I don’t know whether Trump will go to jail. But if I were his lawyer I’d want to throw him in jail for telling the truth on Meet the Press. Yes, he told a bunch of untruths. Fact Checkers say the untruths are in the double digits. But they don’t mean squat to the Special Prosecutor Jack Smith, who has experience in convicting war criminals, none of whom went on National TV to say it was me. I wrote the book. I cooked the plot. I lit the match. It was me.

There may be dumber Republicans Lauren Boebert. But not much dumber. She cleaves to Conservative Republicans in Colorado and across the country. That’s the source of her funding, the source of her power. So it’s not a great idea for her to be seen in a theatre groping a guy who is groping her groping who runs a gay-friendly nightclub with a lot of drag queen entertainment. I don’t doubt that she’s ok with it. I know I’m OK with it. But I also know the Conservative Republican is not okay with their Angel being devilishly off message not in words, but deeds.

In the Jewish Faith is Day 2 of Rosh Hashona. The Jewish New Year. 5784 on the calendar observed by the Faithful. To my Jewish followers, all the best for good health and happiness. Shana Tovah.

Charles Adler

Charles Adler is a Hungarian-Canadian writer/broadcaster and political commentator, most noted as a former host of the newsmagazine series Global Sunday and as host of the syndicated radio talk show Charles Adler Tonight on the Global News radio network from 2016 until 2021

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