3 Super Bowl Contenders You Need To Consider

Sep 7, 2023

Rejoice football fans!

Week 1 of the NFL regular season begins today with the Detroit Lions taking on the reigning champs in Kansas City. You’ll often find me posting throughout the year about this Lions squad as I continue to crush on my ex, Jared Goff, and contribute to restoring the roar.

You’ll also hear me moan and groan about my Los Angeles Rams and how terrible we’ll be for the next decade. You’ll also hear me complain about how much I miss Jared Goff and then remember that we got out ring 2 years ago by trading him for Stafford.

It’s a vicious circle but I’m coming closer to peace with it.

That aside, I stand firmly on the fact that this year, Super Bowl LVIII will be won by a team in the AFC. The NFC is anybody’s game. We could see the Eagles making their way back to the championship game but the road there is just too tough as they’re ranked with the toughest schedule in all of football. The 49ers? No Identity at quarterback. The Lions? I love where they’re headed but they’ll need some playoff experience before they make it.

The Cowboys? Well, they’re the Cowboys.

No, this year belongs to an AFC team and you can lock that in at -127 odds. This conference is just way too stacked and each division has at least one team that poses a serious threat. That’s why I’ve picked 3 of my favorites to win the AFC and punch their ticket to Vegas.

All odds listed were found by using Sports Interaction Sportsbook + Casino

3. Jacksonville Jaguars
AFC Champ Odds: +1196

Just saying. I know it sounds weird but here me out.

Let’s start with their opponents, as they’re ranked with 9th easiest schedule in the entire league. Look no further than their division rivals in the south. The Texans and Colts do not pose a threat and the Titans feel like they’re a couple bad losses away from tearing it all down. If Henry can’t stay healthy, it will be hard justifying keeping this squad together, even with Mike Vabrel at head coach.

So the road to a playoff spot seems easy enough. They’ll have to prove themselves against teams like the Ravens and 49ers but with Trevor Lawrence in his 3rd year, expect him to take a huge leap forward, especially with a healthy Calvin Ridley and his new look offense.

2. Buffalo Bills
AFC Champ Odds: +598

Is this the year? 

I mean, I think so? Don’t read too much into Diggs and the off-season drama, this Bills squad has the necessary means to ruin some seasons and win the AFC East.

It will take some adjusting so expect coach McDermott to shift some of the offensive focus from Josh Allen and utilize the run game. Expect a breakout year from RB1 James Cook and look for rookie tight end Dalton Kincaid to have a massive rookie season. If the Bills can make the necessary adjustments and be able to make it past the Chiefs (it almost feels like we’re destined for a rematch) then count them in to make it to Vegas.

1. Cincinnati Bengals
AFC Champ Odds: +648

It’s time.

Yes they have a very tough division and an even tougher schedule but this Bengals squad feels like their opportunity is now. They were so very close to returning to the Super Bowl last year and were very close to beating the Rams two years ago. This team has the playoff experience, now all they need to do is stay healthy.

One of the keys to stay healthy is improving the tackle which has been a consistent issue for this squad since drafting Joe Burrow. The Bengals also haven’t been one to spend a lot on the offseason but this year they brought in tackle Orlando Brown which seemed almost at a discount.

This Bengals squad is scary, and they’ve been consistently improving each year. They are my outright favorite to win it all this year at +997 odds.


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