New Olympic discipline! Team Canada’s journey to Paris 2024: Evan Dunfee, OLY

May 16, 2024

Evan Dunfee has DROPPED IN before in E.33 we had a lot of giggles and learned a lot about race walking and bodily functions.

He is an Olympic medallist, he has represented Team Canada at 2 Olympics, 2016 and 2020/21. Interestingly enough from what we learned in E.33 the discipline he raced in in Tokyo, 2020/21 where he walked into a bronze medal will not be in the Paris Olympics.

This episode we find out how he’s qualifying for the Paris Games, what it’s been like changing distances and his expectations. DROP IN now with Olympian Evan Dunfee and learn about his journey to his 3rd Olympics.

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Mercedes Nicoll

After twenty years of dropping into halfpipe competitions, it's time, time for me to drop into something new. I'm picking up a mic, wrangling some guests and DROPPING into my own podcast. Follow or subscribe to DROPPING IN a podcast with Mercedes Nicoll.

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