Tyreek Hill Just Had His Third Child With Three Different Women A Month After Getting Married (To A Fourth).

Dec 21, 2023

Tyreek Hill is unstoppable. Everywhere.

He’s no Antonio Rogers Cromartie (14 kids with seven different baby mamas) or Sean Kemp (15 with 6), and to be fair, Tyreek’s number is unknown (8 with 4 is the rumor), but 2023 has been a comeback year for the fastest man in the NFL.

Source – Miami Dolphins superstar Tyreek Hill fathered kids with three different women in the space of four months – and now one baby mama is rushing to his defense.

DailyMail.com revealed last week that the recently-married wide receiver is on the receiving end of paternity suits from two former flames who claim that children born in February and May 2023 are his.

Now, a third ex tells us that Hill, 29, is also the dad of her adorable little boy, Tyreek D’Shaun Hill Jr, who was born between those two on March 12.

Camille Valmon, 33, is taking an offensive line against the speedy MVP candidate’s haters, however – dismissing interest in his recent baby blitz as ‘gossip’. 

‘I can’t speak on anything else that he has going on outside of our parenting relationship because it’s simply none of my business,’ she told DailyMail.com.

‘But what I will say is he is a great father not only to our son but to all of his children.” …

Hill … is not on such good terms with Brittany Lackner and Kimberly Baker, who are both chasing him for paternity and child support in Broward County, Florida.

Lackner blasted Hill for offering her $2,500-a-month … as a ‘woefully inadequate’ sum for an NFL player on a $30 million annual salary.

Baker accuses the buccaneering All-Pro – who last month married his longtime fiancée Keeta Vaccaro, 27 – of demonstrating ‘utter and abject unconcern’ for their now-six-month-old baby girl, Trae.

Hill … already has three children with former fiancée Crystal Espinal, 28, although gossip sites have speculated that he has more.

Condoms. I don’t know why certain athletes and celebs are so afraid of condoms, like Antonio Cromartie, who has five kids born in the same year.

Condoms are about $10-15 a pack. *Moneysense’s 2015 study determined that the average cost of raising a child until the age of 18 was $253,946. By applying 11.37% of inflation between 2016 and 2021, $281,880 was the total cost of raising a child until 18 in 2022.

After tax.

Not wearing a 1-dollar condom will cost Cromartie $3,946,320 (closer to 7 million pre-tax) of his $44 million in career earnings.

Tyreek is making $56 Million this year ALONE, so he can afford not to wear condoms, and he can soak up the cost of two paternity suits filed against him mere weeks after his wedding this year.

These guys all SAY they love their kids and wouldn’t do anything different, but that’s a lie. Of course, they’ll say that with a camera pointed at their heads. The real talk happens when they visit their accountant or a bank machine after those child support transfers. That’s when they utter these fatigued words: “I should have worn a condom.”



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