A Meal Fit For A (Large) King: The 100 Course Meal by Michael Cirino

Paul Feinstein Dec 9, 2019

The age old question: can one human being consume 100 courses in one sitting?

That’s not actually a question. But, one man is testing the limits of the human stomach and the proverbial food event in some gloriously tasty ways.

The 100 Course Meal was conceived of by Michael Cirino, a mad genius who has been known for wild culinary events around the world. He’s served a Michelin meal on the New York subway, he threw a party with every single pizza place in New York, and now, he’s serving 100 Courses to crowds of (hopefully) very hungry Angelenos.

The 100 Course Meal is a bit of a misnomer, however. You aren’t actually served 100 courses, though 100 different courses are available. The way it works is 100 people get 10 courses that are a mix of the 100 total. That means there were 1000 plates splayed out and a well-choreographed dance between chefs, servers, and bartenders. While you wait your turn there are a few ways to keep you sated. Every once in a while, Cirino’s team would drop 100 pieces of sushi on the unsuspecting guests, another time it was 100 sandwiches, and another was 100 tacos. Needless to say, your opportunity to consume 100 total courses was actually available to any who dared fly that close to the sun.

So what did I do? I got through about 30. I was lucky to sit in on two full sittings in the groups of 10 while also noshing on the tacos, sandy’s, and sushi along the way. I also plowed through glasses of wine and watched my cocktails get mixed by a drone.

Was it all worth while? Stomach says yes. Belt buckle says no.

To learn more about this event and everything involved, I sat down with Michael Cirino and we talked about the 100 Courses, other events he’s organized, and what lies ahead down the road. Take a listen to The Food and Travel Paul Cast here!

Paul Feinstein

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