Aaron Rodgers Has Been Suspended From Appearing On The Pat McAfee Show For The Rest Of The NFL Season

Jan 10, 2024

Via TMZ Aaron Rodgers’ time on Pat McAfee’s show is done — for this football season, at least — after the ESPN host announced Wednesday morning that the 4x NFL MVP would NOT be returning to his normal Tuesday morning time slot during the playoffs.

“So, Aaron Rodgers Tuesday, season 4, is done,” McAfee said Wednesday morning, despite the fact Rodgers was reportedly supposed to join the show for several more weeks.

Pat continued … “There will be a lot of people who are happy with that, myself included to be honest with you. The way it ended, it got real loud. I am happy that he’s not going to be in my mentions going forward, which is great news.”

Sources tell TMZ Sports this wasn’t a network decision — we’re told Pat determines which guests appear on the show — but ESPN is on board with the move from what we’re told.

In other words … this was McAfee’s call.

WOW. I did not see this coming. The fact that it was Pats call speaks volumes. He clearly do not want all the smoke that come with Rodgers hot takes.

I truly do not believe that either. ESPN bosses totally went to Pat and said if he comes back our partnership is over.

Pat is falling on the sword to cover his networks ass that paid him over 100 million dollars to do a show. It’s disappointing because again main stream media has found a way to censor content. Are we surprised?

I doubt Rodgers returns to do any appearances next season.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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