About The Only Thing Amazon Won’t Deliver: A Baby

Jan 17, 2019

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Source:  Arizona police found a dead newborn girl at an Amazon distribution center, local outlets reported.

Phoenix police said they found the full-term baby inside the garbage of the women’s bathroom at the facility Wednesday night and the newborn was beyond resuscitation, according to KNXV-TV.

Investigators spoke with the mother. They wouldn’t’ say whether she’s an Amazon employee to protect her identity.

“This is a terribly sad and tragic incident,” Amazon said in a statement to AZ Family, adding they’re working with cops. The warehouse continued its operations while officers investigated.

Arizona has a Safe Haven Law, allowing people to hand off their up to 3-day-old babies to any staffer at a hospital, fire station, child welfare or adoption agency or church.

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OMG.  I’ve seen childbirth and when I see stories like this I always think the same thing: How the fuck did she chop through the umbilical cord?   Teeth?  A knife?  Broken glass?  It’s always a major detail they leave out of bathroom birth stories that I would like to know.


Terrible story.  There’s always a way out and someone would love to love your child.  Never be afraid to seek an alternative birth method than the Amazon distribution center.   Seriously.


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