Absolute Shocker: Packers Trade Future HOF Davante Adams To The Las Vegas Raiders

Mar 18, 2022

What the absolute fuck? Did that really just happen? Once Rodgers signed his deal and the Packers restructured a ton of contracts it was all but assumed they would work out the Davante Adams deal.

Psyche, he’s going to the most stacked division in football. Adams is headed to the Las Vegas Raiders on the first night of March Madness. The NFL is stealing headlines again. Is this even real?

The burning question did Aaron Rodgers know about this. Apparently, he did.

I’m very confused. The Packers have a backup plan right? OBJ perhaps. It can’t just be through the draft. However the Packers NEVER sign off free agency so it will have to be a trade. I mean, the current best WR on the team is Allen Lazard and he is NO Adams.

Sorry Bondzee, this one has to hurt.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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