Adam Schefter is A TOTAL Coward

Apr 10, 2022

Adam Schefter is a total tool bag. The race to be first has taken any human element out of national sports reporters. Yet, you know ESPN is going to slobber all over his dick because they know he’s going to keep dropping Schefter Bombs.

Saturday morning we learned the Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Dwayne Haskins had passed away after he’d been struck by a vehicle in South Florida. The outpouring of sympathy, pain, and condolences started. I even wrote a blog about it and said we’re not going to talk football, human life is so much more important. 

But I’m not Adam Schefter.

I don’t believe Schefter intended for this Tweet to be handled with so little class, but it was. This was Schefter so badly wanting to be first so his bosses over at Disney to give him a reach around, that he doesn’t think. He just types, he drops a “Shefter Bomb” 

But this was a man who just lost his life. It was so fucking unnecessary to bring up football and Haskins’s NFL struggles while he damn well knew he was breaking the news to everybody that Haskins had passed away.

I want to shout out Chris for going public with his thoughts. Chris writes for Sports Illustrated, and all the major sports media and publications are all in bed with each other. Normally they’ll have each other’s back, so I was happy to see Chris call Schefter out on his bull shit. 

In the game of Dunk or Pass, Dwayne Haskins is definitely a pass. From everything we know about the kid, he was a good dude, did a lot for his community, and he could have been bitter about his NFL career, but he wasn’t. So Adam Schefter can go fuck himself.

What made things worse, was Schefter turned on Safe Mode so that he couldn’t be called out on his bull shit.

And don’t fool yourself, his ass got called out.

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