Advantage Blue Jays: Unvaccinated Players Won’t Be Allowed To Play Games In Toronto (A Lot Of Key Yankees/ Red Sox Are Unvaccinated)

Mar 16, 2022

VIA CBC “It will be interesting, to say the least, how that situations unfolds,” Boone told reporters in Tampa on Sunday. “I think we still have a few guys at least that aren’t vaccinated, so we’ll be monitoring that situation closely and see how that plays out. But yeah, it’s a concern.”

Unvaccinated MLB players won’t be allowed into Canada to play Blue Jays
With unvaccinated players, Yankees concerned about impact of Canadian COVID rules
The Yankees make their first trip to Toronto for a three-game series that begins May 2 against their American League East rivals.

Media reports out of Boston say that several key members of the Red Sox also aren’t vaccinated. Boston’s first trip to Toronto begins on April 25.

Any advantage can make a difference in the highly competitive AL East. The Red Sox, Yankees, and Blue Jays were all separated by a single game in the final regular-season standings last season, with Boston and New York both making the post-season as wild-card teams.

Montoyo said on Monday he was proud of how his team handled splitting its 2021 season between three home fields, starting the season in Dunedin, then playing out of Buffalo, and finally returning to Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto on July 30.

“I don’t think these guys get enough credit for what we did, not knowing where we were going to play,” said Montoyo. “When we think about it, you’ve got to move families, you’ve got to get new apartments, all that stuff.

“I don’t think they get enough credit. Our players, they never complained.”

Uhhhhh ohhhhhhh. He says as he smiles from ear to ear. According to multiple reports, players will not be allowed to play games at the Rogers Centre if they are unvaccinated. It seems that there are a lot of key players for both the Red Sox and the New York Yankees who are unvaxxed and won’t be able to make the trip. Shucks.

The old Kyrie Irving rule is coming to baseball whether you like it or not folks. PS: I also heard the best nickname for Irving over the weekend. “Ivermectin Iverson”. Love it, but that’s beside the point. The big deal here is that it SEEMS the Jays are going to have a distinct COVID advantage at home games this season. Yankees skippers and players are not happy about it.

Here is a clip of Aaron Judge talking to the media as the news broke. His answer about how to handle it and his status aren’t promising.

Go cry Yankees and Red Sox. I can see New York State changing the rule because it’s the fucking Yankees and I think the fanbase would burn down Manhatten. Toronto and Canada not so much. One because we are really strict and two because it’s a really big advantage.


Chris Rooke

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