Airline Employee Squares Up To EX NFL/Current CFL Wide Receiver Brendan Langley And Gets His Ass Handed To Him

May 23, 2022

Oh boy. As if the airport wasn’t annoying enough, we have employees trying to throw hands with the passengers.

It turned into an excellent old fashion slobber knocker. My dude got punked and flipped right back over his desk, smoking his head on the ground—no Bueno.

I do not know what sparked this altercation, but the airline employee probably had enough of Brandon giving him lips or talking down to him, so he decided to risk it all and walked out front behind the counter to square up.

Hot Tip

Before stepping into someone, you should always consider who your opponent could be. It’s 2022. You NEVER know what kind of crazy you’re dealing with. The chances of getting shanked are very high.

The airport is always a high-stress environment, and people are on edge. All it takes is one little thing to set them off, and hell breaks loose.

2022 is the wild west. I am here for the content.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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