Alen Hanson and Socrates Brito over Cavan Biggio and Vladimir Guerrero Jr doesn’t make a ton of sense

Shug McSween Apr 18, 2019

As the Blue Jays continue to toe the line of mediocrity, the premium supply of talent in Buffalo carries on mashing baseballs. Vladdy Jr hit a ball so far tonight, the colour commentator was at a loss for words and just quietly slipped in a ‘wow’. Happens when you are able to hit the ball into the parking lot across the street.

Enough is enough. #FreeVladdy

While Vladdy has been busy hitting close to .500 and not striking out a single at-bat during his 20 plate appearances in AAA, Cavan Biggio has been putting a show himself. Biggio who the Blue Jays see as a core piece who will contribute all over the diamond and lineup card, deserves to be an option for Charlie Montoyo. Biggio has embarrassed AAA pitching as his two hits tonight brought his average up to almost .440. It’s early but who cares, that’s a horrible argument. He’s been raking for over a year.

Introducing active players in the Toronto Blue Jays lineup:
  1. Alen Hanson: hitting .179 while striking out 11 times and walking 1 time in 10 games. Not good enough.
  2. Socrates Brito: hitless going into tonight’s game while swinging and missing at a historic rate. Not good enough.

Brandon Drury is also an option, but moving him to the bench more often is the smarter play for now. With Lourdes Guerriel Jr down in Buffalo, the Jays are trying to weather one storm at a time. Keeping Drury up for now makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is why the Blue Jays are going into games without their best potential lineup. I thought the name of the game was to win. Why not give the 25 guys who give your team the best chance to win, just that, a chance?

Cavan Biggio just turned 24 years old, he like Vladdy and Bo Bichette grew up spending countless hours around major league baseball players, facilities, staff and all of the bright lights. You name it, he’s seen it. He had an award winning season last year and he’s been dominating AAA since he put Buffalo’s jersey on. Why waste this production?

Enough is enough. The Blue Jays have a chance to stay in the conversation for a playoff spot this season, if they start fielding their best lineup. It’s time to free Vladdy and it’s time to let Cavan Biggio ride shotgun. What’s the hold up? Biggio can play 6 different positions, hits for power, contact and strikes out less times than he walks, while Vladdy Jr is leaving crowds speechless. One problem, the crowds are in Pawtucket and not in Boston.



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