Video: Allen vs Mahomes Should Be A Pay-Per-View Extravaganza

Oct 15, 2022

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch the two best quarterbacks in the NFL battle it out Sunday afternoon.

NFL fans used to wait eagerly for Tom Brady vs Peyton Manning. Now the world waits for Patrick Mahomes vs Josh Allen. Thankfully we all get to take in another chapter of the newest rivalry Sunday afternoon.

We all watch the two best quarterbacks in the world do their thing. For Buffalo Bills fans, scoring a win tomorrow would be nice, but Bills Mafia knows that Allen Still hasn’t beat Mahomes when it matters; in the playoffs. That doesn’t mean Sunday’s game at Arrowhead Stadium isn’t going to be a treat.

Patrick Mahomes Does The Impossible

Patrick Mahomes is a human highlight reel. Between no-look passes, sidearm throws, and a master class in improvisation, he’s so entertaining to watch. It’s also impossible to the game plan when he can do the unexpected. The video montage highlights how Mahomes can make something out of nothing. The way he’s able to extend plays, using his legs to buy time while his receivers are finding separation. It’s an impossible job for a defensive back to stick with their man when Mahomes is creating so much time. Whether you love or hate the Kansas Chiefs, it’s entertaining watching Patrick Mahomes play football.

We’ve Never Seen Anything Like Josh Allen

There are thousands of videos of Josh Allen doing the impossible. NFL fans love to make player comparisons. But who do you compare to Josh Allen? Allen combines Michael Vick, Cam Newton, Steve Young, and Drew Bledsoe. I’m sure there are other quarterbacks you can also add to that list. Allen can beat you with his arm, legs, eyes, and mind. He’s tough like Ben Roethlisberger, uses arm angles like Mahomes, and he’s impossible to predict. You can talk about his playoff record all you want, but the facts are Josh Allen gave the Buffalo Bills the lead with 13 seconds left in the Divisional game vs the Chiefs. Allen knows how to win.

If I had to give an edge to either quarterback, I would choose Josh Allen. That’s not meant to disrespect Patrick Mahomes. It is one and 1A when you compare the two. Like many of you, I can’t wait to watch this next chapter unfold.

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