Amie Reiman: Tips To Getting Some Sleep. Or At The Very Least, A Helluva Of A Nap.

Mar 19, 2019

I cannot recall a time when I was not an amazing napper.  From the early days, all other mothers would be told – ‘she is such a good sleeper’ ….to the now, where sleep just comes easily.

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The shit part?…not getting R.E.M!   This is the missing part in all these successful, yet underwhelming missions to rest. Which lead to the inevitable nap the next day.  It’s a vicious cycle.

Don’t you loathe “those people” on planes that can just zonk right out as soon as they hit the air?   Or the dude on a crowded subway that can fully nod off with their heads bobbing around carefree (unconscious) – I mean, maybe its heroin or a narcoleptic take over but – I have fit into both categories minus the downers or sleep disorder!

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So, after some soul (sucking) sleep apnea discussions with a specialist, the “issues” were not narcolepsy, apnea, insomnia or any of the more common issues – nope…. It was the naps! My naps were actually affecting my ability to receive a full night’s sleep!

Duh. In hindsight that makes sense – but what about feeling constantly tired? And no- not a typical burn out tired, we are talking constant yawns, exhausted, feeling completely blasé tired.

What to do?Well the answers were really simple and the result?– well, that’s a work in progress.

  • Don’t go to sleep until you are ready to actually sleep.
  • Stop the screen time an hour before bed to give eyes a rest
  • Don’t be a “time checker” throughout the night
  • Avoid snacking before bed

All of this seemed absolutely bonkers and not at all as great as a siesta on a rainy (okay even Sunny) day.

However, it has helped.  Breaking habits always take time, but I discovered a couple of tricks along the way:


  • Timers set on my devices to shut down apps (blackout times)
  • Eat larger portions at dinner to avoid the late night snacking
  • Turning the alarm clock around to avoid sneak peeks at the time

Although I can’t say goodbye to naps forever, they are good for us when the body needs to rest and to recharge, but keeping them under an hour in a responsible controlled nap manner is now the way to go.

Happy nappy everyone!


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