And the new Foo Fighters’ drummer is?

brentonontour May 21, 2023
  1. This Guy!

Just who is Josh Freese you say? Well allow me to shed a little light.

“Freese joins the group after having played alongside a star-studded lineup for the Hawkins tribute concerts that the Foos put together in London and Los Angeles last fall. He’s also a longtime friend of both Grohl and Hawkins and is a seasoned session act who has performed and toured with rock bands Guns N’ Roses, A Perfect Circle, Puddle of Mudd, Nine Inch Nails, Weezer, Paramore, the Replacements, Sting and the Vandals, to name a few. Freese was most recently drumming for Danny Elfman and the Offspring, with whom he was touring up until last year.” SOURCE

That’s the short version. In reality he’s the most in demand drummer in the world and the absolute perfect fit for the Foo Fighters! Did you happen to check out his amazing performances during the Taylor Hawkins tribute shows? No? Well, here’s a few gems for you and after you’re finished I dare you to challenge the decision!

Need a little more? Check out this killer documentary on him:

No one will ever replace Taylor Hawkins. Josh Freese will at minimum, pay tribute on a nightly basis and help push the band through the difficult task of carrying on. A new chapter begins with their new album June 2nd and a ton of touring dates to back it all up.

The world’s biggest rock band just battled through the most difficult time in their history and have come back swinging with the number one free agent. These guys aren’t “Learning to Fly” anymore, they are officially the Captains and I for one can’t wait to buy a seat on that plane!

After all, it’s being guided by a Hawk!


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