Andor – Impressions So Far

BRADYTVOfficial Sep 27, 2022

Who even asked for this?

Ever forward moves that machine that is Star Wars under the leadership of Disney. The latest entry in this journey is Disney +’s “Andor”.

The real question to start with is not “Is the show good?” but, “Who the hell asked for this show?”. Andor serves as a prequel to a prequel (Rogue One) and is based on probably the least interesting character from that movie. Now don’t get me wrong, more Star Wars is almost always a good thing… but out of all of the Star Wars properties they could have expanded or timelines they could have explored… why this?

is it any good?

Well… I think there’s a reason that they released 3 episodes all at once. The first episode is weak. It doesn’t feel like Star Wars AT ALL and takes forever to get going. The second is much of the same… but, does start to peak interest and excitement right towards the end.

The 3rd episode though? AMAZING.

Look, I still stand by what I said – this is not a show that any of us were asking for. Having said that, the 3rd episode introduces characters and stakes that are sure to propel this story into the Star Wars hall of fame.

There are good things about Andor. The costume design and action are on point. Also, most notably, the decision to use practical sets and aliens rather than the use of the Volume Stage that The Mandalorian has made famous has lead to a show that is much more pleasant to look at.

So, what do you think of Andor so far? Are you excited to see Episode 4 or have you checked out already?


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