Andrew Tate Has Lung Cancer?

Mar 3, 2023

According to news outlets sympathetic to the webcam/rape king Andrew Tate’s request to leave Romania for medical treatment for a lesion(s) on his lung(s).

Medical records were submitted to the court by Tate’s team which appear to show a lesion on his upper right lung, a representative has described it as a “serious health condition”.

A CT scan was taken in early January which showed “concerning features” and a comment was made that “time is of the essence”.

Documents seen by The Sun show Tate’s doctor insisting he needs “urgent investigation” into the lesion.

It is understood that he wants to attend a consultation arranged before his arrest in Dubai.

Despite this, the court has decided that Tate will be able to receive the medical treatment in Romania and does not need to leave the country to get care.

A judicial source told The Sun that the social media influencer “has tried with several medical documents to convince the judges from Bucharest Appeal Court to free him in order to be able to fly to Dubai for further medical investigations regarding his illness discovered on a previous investigation in 2022.”

But the judges established that Tate can be professionally investigated and treated in hospitals from Bucharest.

“In fact, Mr Tate will be medically investigated in one of the best private hospitals from Bucharest.

The dude looks excellent.

I highly doubt he has lung cancer. He would have been receiving treatment in a Romanian Hospital if he did.

He would have played that card early on.

Tate is desperate to get out of prison and is trying to dodge his ongoing rape/human trafficking/wire fraud investigation.

Romania’s top court has held him without bail and seized everything he owns due to the gravity of his crimes and the increasing scope of their investigation into Tate’s rapey webcam/sex trafficking business.

He’s been held for over two months. UK and US embassies have refused to intercede on his behalf after speaking with Romanian authorities because of the seriousness of the “alleged” crimes state and his brother are being investigated for.

Here’s a question: Do we have sympathy for Andrew Tate?

I don’t, regardless of his alleged medical condition. There’s ZERO empathy for a guy who hurts and exploits women for money. These are what I call “Natural Consequences.”


Period stop.

Lung Cancer? If Karma were real and could take human form, it would look like Andrew Tate.


Dean Blundell

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