Another Photo Has Surfaced Of The Model That Was Grinding With The Finnish Prime Minister Posing Topless Kissing Another Women At The PM’s House

Aug 24, 2022

Via Daily Mail — Finnish prime minister Sanna Marin today gave a tearful speech as she addressed a crowd about her partying after her friend apologised for posing topless in the premier’s official residence.

Marin, 36, had tears in her eyes as she admitted that she is ‘also human’ and that ‘this week has not been easy’ after the prime minister faced an onslaught of scrutiny over her partying with friends.

A photo emerged yesterday showing Marin’s friend and model Sabina Särkkä, 33, posing topless while kissing her semi-naked friend in the prime minister’s official residence of Kesäranta.

Särkkä, 33, apologised for her ‘inappropriate behaviour’ after the image emerged, saying that she was ‘deeply sorry’ for causing further embarrassment to the leader who is under fire for partying.

The photo came out after a video emerged showing Marin dancing and singing with friends at a nightclub.

The plot thickens. It seems like the PM parties hard, then heads back to her place for an after-party where models make out topless. Someone in the Prime Minister’s inner circle wants her to go down badly. She must thin the herd and find out who is releasing info and videos to the press. How are all of these private photos and videos getting released? I believe the topless photo was on TikTok, but who got the intel that it was at the Prime Minister’s home?

I’m not too fond of politics, and it’s boring and useless. However, this has been an electric factory.

Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we? Canada and America politically are having a rough go right now. Pierre Pepperpot’s weird breakfast videos, Fuck Trudeau signs, ArriveCan App, vaccines, and that’s just Canada. America might as well be Lord of The Flies. I bet any Canadian would give their right leg to have our most significant issue being Justin Trudeau having crazy after-parties at 24 Sussex Dr.

Finland seems to be doing just fine, and the only thing they have to worry about is the fact their prime minister is too cool and has too much fun. What a life that would be. I challenge you to go on Google and search Finland’s world ranking. I just did it. Here is the link. Spoiler alert they are top of the class. Oh, and did I mention they have been the happiest country in the world for five years running?

Sheesh. This story isn’t over. I am sure a new photo will come out of the PM having a bikini party or something tomorrow. Her model friend has since apologized for posting the picture. Word of advice, Sanna, find out who the mole is in your crew and put the cell phones in a lock box during the after-party. That’s AP partying 101.


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