Anti-Vaxx Medical Miracle “Wheezin Mark Friesen” Just Self-Declared As An Incel But Don’t Worry Ladies, He’s Not Giving Up

Tammy Robert Sep 30, 2022

Case you hadn’t heard, which you almost haven’t have not because nobody gives a shit anymore whether Wheezin Mark Friesen is dead or alive, he lost yet another election.

When you earn less votes than Justin Trudeau in Saskatchewan… it’s probably a sign. To fuck off.

Losing to the Liberals in Saskatchewan has got to sting. Losing to Justin Trudeau should tell Mark Friesen everything he needs to know about how welcome his bullshit is… anywhere. If you can’t get more votes than a Liberal in Saskatchewan, you can consider yourself a failed politician everywhere.

Mark seems to be handling the rejection well.

At least about as well as he has since he was a teenager.

Somebody turn his oxygen up.

He’ll “never give up. Ever!”

If only we could say the same about his lungs.

For those of you not in the know and think I’m mocking some guy about to kill himself, here’s what Wheezin Freezin means when he talks about a “black pill”:

So, in other words, after another massive public humiliation – possibly worse than revealing to the entire world that his oh-so masculine immune system was too weak to fight off a virus he claimed was fake – Wheezin Freezin isn’t accepting that “it’s over.”

I got news for you, honey – yeah, Mark, I’m talking to you. I’m a woman, meaning this maybe hasn’t happened for you for a while, so just try to focus on what I’m saying k?

Mark, if you’re not getting laid, it’s because you opened your mouth. I mean, I’m sure plenty of women find hypermasculine insecurity a turn-on, but when you speak, most of our vaginas just dry up on the spot. It’s science, Mark. I saw it on YouTube.

Do your research.

I’m so tired of catering to these guys to quell their howls of censorship, which has never happened. These morons think they’re important, and it’s time more of us tell them they’re not just unimportant in our Saskatchewan and Canada – they’re not fucking welcome.

Read the room; it’s over.

You need to swallow the Black Pill, Mark, cause Canada is never going to stop shoving it down your throat.

Have a great day, everyone! Tam

Tammy Robert

I write and talk about Saskatchewan politics. Public and media relations consultant.

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