Antonio Brown Won’t Stop Trolling Tom Brady, And His Latest Post Was Gold

Oct 24, 2022

Tom Brady’s team stinks, his marriage is in shambles, and Antonio Brown won’t stop trolling him.

Bills Mafia and bitter New England Patriots fans have zero sympathies for Brady’s tough 2022. It’s tough to imagine why people would be so hard on the millionaire quarterback who compares playing football to military personnel serving overseas. However, things are not magical in Tampa Bay. Brady had the chance to stay home and roll around naked with his supermodel wife on a pile of money. Instead, Brady chose to subject himself to his worst regular season ever.

Away from Brady’s game finally falling off a cliff, his Buccaneers teammates aren’t helping either.

That awful drop from Mike Evans was just one of many terrible plays, and it led to the Carolina Panthers beating the Bucs for the first time since 2019. Brady threw the football 49 times and only accumulated 290 yards and zero touchdowns. It’s fair to say things are awful in TB12 Land right now.

To rub salt in the wound, Brady’s former teammate and house guest Antonio Brown won’t stop trolling Brady on social media.

AB has done a lot of questionable things. A couple of weeks ago, he posted a picture of Brady’s soon-to-be ex-wife Gisele Bündchen hugging Brown on the field after Tampa Bay won the Super Bowl over the Kansas Chiefs. The post was met with eye rolls, and most people agreed it was tasteless.

AB’s post after Tampa’s loss on Sunday was gold. Brown’s stunts must drive Brady crazy, but Brady has a fake Leave It To Beaver public persona to keep up. Nobody should be counting on a Brady response anytime soon.

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