Apple’s New iOS Comes With The Ability To Edit/Undo Texts You REALLY Regretted Sending

Jun 7, 2022

Have you ever sent a text you knew you shouldn’t have sent?

Maybe a drunk revenge text to an ex or a random text about how much fun that three-way was last night, but you sent it to your mom instead of your friend?

Have you experienced the panic attack that comes with looking at a flurry of drunk texts you don’t remember sending the night before?

Good news! Apple’s new operating system (iOS 16) allows you to edit a sent text, but you can undo that bad boy altogether like it never happened.

It’s only 15 years late, and your window to change/undo texts is only 15 minutes, but this is a fucking GAME CHANGER for lazy assholes, drunks, and impulsive “hornies” around the world!.

The Verge: In the fine print of its event press release, Apple explains that the ability to edit or unsend a message will be available for 15 minutes, and once a message is deleted, users can recover them for up to 30 days.

Users can edit or recall a message for up to 15 minutes after sending it, or recover recently deleted messages for up to 30 days after deletion Of course, you may not have as many typos to fix once the new features launch, since there’s a new Dictation experience that “lets you fluidly move between voice and touch.” The keyboard will stay open while you use voice dictation, and it supports emoji detection while you’re talking.

DO you know how many lives could have been saved if Steve and Tim had dreamed up this EDIT/UNDO 15 fucking years ago?

I mean, the tech should have existed back then, right?

How many marriages would still be intact if we could undo or edit THAT text?

Lots. That feeling of helplessness as you sit there, staring at a terrible decision you made to call your boss a fucking asshole in your workgroup text, is past. You now have a solid 15 minutes to delete or edit impulsive death threats, provided the person you threatened doesn’t read or screen grab it first.

We’ve all sent a text we immediately regret personal or legal reasons, and we live in a litigious age where we could use some help.

Think about it: We now get a chance to erase terrible texting decisions like they never happened. Regret usually sets in immediately, so try to take advantage of the 15-minute window. It’s Apple’s way of saying, ‘Ok, asshole. We’ll give you 15″, which might save your life/job/marriage/reputation.

I like it.




Dean Blundell

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