Are McDermott and Frazier Being Calculated or Cavalier?

Hashtag Sports Sep 24, 2022

The Buffalo Bills will have their biggest test to date, as they take on Divisional opponent the Miami Dolphins this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium at 1pm.  

Much has been made about the Dolphins 4th quarter explosion against the Baltimore Ravens, as both Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle finished with a combined 22 receptions for 361 yards and 4 touchdowns.  What has not been talked about is how the Buffalo Bills secondary, which is pretty banged up, will be missing some key components to stop this dynamic duo.  However, Sean McDermott might be doing his best Bobby Fischer impression with the possible rotations that he and Leslie Frazier will implore this Sunday.  

Allow me to explain.  The Bills have already been without All-Pro Cornerback Tre’davious White so they have been going with the rotation of 2020 7th-Round Pick Dane Jackson, 2022 6th-Round Pick Christian Benford and 2022 1st-Round Pick Kaiir Elam and have done so because they have All-Pro Safeties Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer calling the shots behind them.  

Hyde has already been ruled out this Sunday’s game and Poyer’s status is still up in the air.  This could leave 2021 6th-Round Pick Damar Hamlin and 2019 6th-Round Pick Jaquan Johnson to pick up the slack on the back end.  Due to the amount of time that Poyer and Hyde have played together, Hamlin and Johnson have been their understudies with a first-hand look at how communication and safety play is supposed to be in the New NFL. 

So, conceivably, the Bills could have a secondary comprised of Elam, Benford, Johnson and Hamlin on Sunday against the high powered Dolphins.  

Insert Bobby Fischer.  McDermott and Frazier both know that the Dolphins are the most immediate threat to the Bills in the AFC East, so why not put 4 young players on the field that the Buffalo Bills could realistically have, as their starting secondary in a couple years, and give them the experience that they need against Waddle and Hill?  

The Bills have managed the impossible in today’s NFL keeping an incumbent secondary around for as long as they had, but sooner or later, younger drafted talent are going to have to step up into those roles, and what better time than Week 3 of a young NFL season to do so.  With the pace that the Bills offense is going at currently, if McDermott and Frazier are able to get these young players to gel, this could be the biggest 500 IQ play that has happened in the NFL in quite some time.  

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