Argonauts QB Chad Kelly given minimum nine-game suspension by CFL

May 7, 2024

About a year ago, I attended a press conference at Lamport Stadium, where it was announced that the star QB was signed to a three-year extension and I asked him, GM Pinball Clemons, about what it means to now be a player that fans and Torontonians can look up to.

Fast forward to today, Tuesday, May 7 and it was announced that Kelly was handed a minimum suspension of 9 games by the CFL.

Now this comes after Chad was accused of making inappropriate advances on a now former female strength and conditioning coach of the Toronto Argonauts. This stemmed from a wrongful termination lawsuit she filed against the team on February 21st. Where, none of the allegations against Kelly or the Argonauts have been tested in court.

The team and the league did released the following statement after the news of the suspension broke.

We also got word that Chad’s agent Chris Lambiris made it clear that they will look into appealing the suspension.

Now for the football side of things, The team I believe will promote second string quarterback Cameron Dukes to starter, who did well when thrusted in the starting role, something I got to ask Dukes about this past season.


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