As long as Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins are in charge, Blue Jays fans better be ready for rosters that are just not quite good enough.

Oct 9, 2022

Toronto likes scapegoats. Let me serve you up the two guys responsible for the Toronto Blue Jays collapse.

Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins didn’t trust the core of the Blue Jays. They both believe their baseball geniuses and will stick their nose up at you if you disagree with them. Toronto, go talk to a Cleveland fan and ask them what not quite good enough feels like because that’s what we’re going to deal with here.

Rogers loves Shapiro because he’ll make the team just good enough that the Rogers Centre is sold out, and the team will make postseason revenue. Shapiro will never let Atkins spend the money or make the trade that will make the Blue Jays genuine contenders. That’s why the Blue Jays seem to always just fall short. As long as Rogers makes money, Toronto doesn’t need a World Series. 

Why do you think Alex Anthopoulos left Toronto and went and won a World Series with the Atlanta Braves? AA knew that Shapiro wouldn’t give him the resources he needed to win a championship. If Anthopoulos had hung around another couple of seasons, the Blue Jays would have added the third banner. Instead, we’re stuck with Ross Atkins.

The Blue Jays did nothing at the trade deadline, leaving John Schneider relying on a bullpen that had overachieved the entire season. It finally blew up in the Blue Jays’ face Saturday night. Teams like Seattle sold out to win playoff games. Shapiro and Atkins were just happy to be there. Don’t fool yourself, and don’t have an optimistic offseason. Blue Jays’ upper management will never give us a championship team.

Blue Jays fans have every right to feel bitter. This isn’t on the players, it isn’t on the coaching staff; this is 100% of Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins.

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