Auston Matthews looks scary good as the Maple Leafs take down the Sabres

Shug McSween Mar 21, 2019

Happy Humpday, Leafs Nation as Auston Matthews was on a mission Wednesday night, even though he only saw limited ice-time in the first. Do explain, Coach?

My buddy called me today to go to the game, unfortunately, my work schedule wouldn’t allow for this to happen. So ‘Goalie’ went by himself. Can you blame him? It was $26 bucks for his ticket, which was located perfectly at the first row on the balcony, in the corner, nice and close to the bathroom and exit signs. Well played, and the same can be said about the Maple Leafs.

The first tally was all about hard work and effort level and then things got really scummy, Andreas Johnsson threw one in the blue paint and Auston Matthews was posted up in front of the net, typical solid body positioning from the big cat. Right place, right time.

With the Maple Leafs playing the night before, Buffalo knew they would come out strong in the first. Usually, the team carries the night before over for the first 20 minutes, and later in the game tends to be where they fall off.  Maple Leafs earned their two points Wednesday night in front of 85% Maple Leaf fans in Buffalo. Cheap seats, why not? Especially when Matthews comes out doing shit like this:

Matthews hasn’t looked better all year than he has the last two nights. His shoulder is fully healthy, he’s battling during draws, and he’s shooting the puck more which are all great signs. The Leafs needed these two points but it wasn’t a must-win. Matthews helped Leafs Nation avoid the panic button after taking care of business down the QEW. Great to see, maybe one day the Leafs can make Millard’s top 5. 

Rangers come to town Saturday night as Freddie will be back between the pipes. Look for Matthews to continue to dominate and peep his ice-time at the end of the night to see if he’s close to 20 minutes again. If the Leafs want to go deep, Babcock is going to need to cut the cord and let Matthews free. Free, basically the price of tickets in Buffalo.



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