This Auston Matthews Guy is Pretty F’N Good

Apr 8, 2022

I fully admit that I’m anything but a loyal hockey fan. However, the 16-years my dad forced me to play, and the little I’ve watched over the years, I’ve learned enough to know that this Auston Matthews guy is pretty fucking good. 

Living in the city of Toronto, I’ve had to listen to the constant pain from Leafs fans, whining from the sports radio guys, and the mocking from the Hans fans. As a total outsider, I feel like Leafs’ fans deserve Matthews. 

Last night, Matthews notched his 55th goal of the season, breaking a Toronto record set by Maple Leafs great Rick Vaive in 1982. – Side note, I met Vaive at a charity event a few years ago and he was one of the nicest fucking hockey guys I’ve ever met. He never said “bud” one time. Anyways, now he’s a footnote in history, because Auston Matthews is the new legend.

Matthews night probably could have ended there and Leafs fans would have been patting each other on the back like they had anything to do with the accomplishment. However, the game went into overtime, and Matthews netted #56 to win the game

With 11-games remaining #60+, the scoring title, and the Hart Trophy are all within reach. It’s too bad that many are predicting history to repeat itself, and the Leafs are going to get bounced in the first round of the playoffs. If Toronto could find some capable goaltending, maybe they won’t waste a magical season. 

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