Back To The Future 4?

BRADYTVOfficial Jan 28, 2022


Let me be clear – We don’t need a Back to the Future 4. The original trilogy is so perfect and wraps everything up with a beautiful bow. Not only would making a fourth film undo so much of the closure we already got with BTTF3, but Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd and clearly not in a position to come back and reprise their roles.

A BTFF without the original cast? Yeah… no thanks.

There’s no denying though that those of us who love the universe that BTFF created would love to see some more adventures with Marty and Doc. Yes, we got an animated TV series, but that got a little silly from time to time and never quite captured the magic of the originals. So, what do we do?

Enter telltale

The videogame developer Telltale has continuously been some of the best story tellers in the industry. Having said that, is that enough to be able to tackle something so near and dear as Back to the Future? Well, its turns out… kind of.

Back to the Future The Game is a 5 part episodic story that picks up shortly after the end of the trilogy of films. It sees a now-married Doc Brown end up in over his head after a time travel outing goes wrong. Obviously, if anyone is going to be able to get him out of this mess, it’s Marty McFly. One day while fending off a auction to sell off all of the belongs of a  presumed-dead Emmett L. Brown, Marty is greeted by Doc’s god – Einstein – who mysterious shows up along side the DeLorean. From there, an adventure unfolds that reunites us with familiar faces while introducing us to a handful of new ones. That’s all I’ll say about the plot because, hey… it’s Back to the Future, you don’t want all the twists and surprises ruined for you, do you?

Is it good?

Honestly? It scratches the itch.

Obviously, it still doesn’t come close to matching the excellence of the movies, but no one should expect it to. Is it worth playing? If you’re a strictly a gamer, maybe not. Some of the gameplay is a little rough and the puzzles can become annoying to figure out. If you’re a BTTF fan? Possibly. Like I said, this story scratches an itch without the sour taste in our mouths that a 4th movie would leave.

If you’re curious about the story, but aren’t into tracking down, paying for, and then playing the game, I’ve got you covered. The entire game is uploaded on my gaming channel and is totally free and fun to watch! If you like what you see, please Subscribe so that I can keep making stuff like this for you.


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