Balls Of Steel: Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic Calls Justin Trudeau A Dictator To His Face In European Parliament

Mar 24, 2022

Full disclosure politics is NOT my beat, but it seems our political writers are asleep at the wheel right now. Ryan? James? Dean?, ok let’s let the least qualified guy report on this. Bold strategy cotton.

I have no editorial thoughts on this because I am not qualified. Whether you think this is bull shit or not it is our job as a media outlet in Canada to report on it. When a member of parliament calls our Prime Minister a dictator to his face in Parliament, with zero warning we should talk about it. Is Dictator strong, maybe? We’ve seen what a real dictator is doing in Ukraine right now.

Wild times.

I’m going to break this down in laymen’s terms and use a group chat example to show just how disrespectful this is.

Let’s say in a WhatsApp group with your friends one of your friends pisses you off. The respectful thing to do is reach out to them directly and tell them they are acting like a clown. Not put them on blast in the group chat in front of all their peers. That’s basically what Mislav Kolakusic did with no warning.

I spoke to James DiFiore briefly about Trudeau a couple of months back with the convoy bull shit. I asked because I am a political dummy (again not my bag) if he thought Trudeau was actually scared of the convoy and his answer was:

” he’s not scared for his well-being, but is 100% nervous about international optics”.

Which we are seeing unfold now and it doesn’t seem to be great.

That is a picture of Trudeau addressing the European Parliament. Doesn’t look like too many people are there to hear him.

Again this isn’t my beat but we have to report it.

Another day in the Trudeauverse.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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