Batman Kicked Joe Rogan’s Ass

Joe Williamson May 10, 2022

When you’re at the top people are always gunning for your spot so it seems only fitting that the person to knock Joe Rogan from his throne also happens to be fictional. This week a new scripted podcasted series “Batman Unburied” was #1 on Spotify’s Podcast rankings.

Let’s be honest, this is remarkable. Joe Rogan has thousands (millions?) of subscribers so there is a minimum number of downloads that will occur every week. For a new show to come along and take over the number one spot is nothing short of extradorniary. It should come as no surprise that it took Batman to do the impossible. The Batman brand might be the most bankable thing in the world not named Apple, Marvel or Coke. It’s a license to print money and Spotify knows how to print money.

Do I think this will last? Nope. Batman Unburied is a 10-episode series so Joe will be back on top in no time but for the time being it’s Batman’s world and we’re just living in it.

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The offical synopsis of Batman Unburied is:

When audiences meet Bruce Wayne he is a forensic pathologist, working in the bowels of Gotham Hospital and tasked with examining the victims of The Harvester, a gruesome serial killer preying on Gotham’s citizens. Not only will the superhero be forced to face his own mental demons, but he will also have to overcome them in order to save the citizens of Gotham as his alter-ego, Batman.


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