Bayern Won Their 10th Straight Bundesliga Title, So Why Does This Season Feel Like Such A Failure?

May 5, 2022

Most of you have no idea who I am. For the few of you who do, you know me as the football guy. I’m also a huge soccer fan, also known as football. Anyways, I’m also a Bayern Munich fan, and despite winning the Bundesliga title for a tenth straight season, it’s become clear that there needs to be a shake up, and manager Julian Nagelsmann needs to change Bayern’s mentality, and get them back to being one of the most feared teams in Europe.

Lahm is a former Bayern and German National team captain, and legend in German football. He’s a champions league, domestic cup, Bundesliga, and World Cup winner. He knows what a winning mentality looks like, he knows what it takes to lead an intimidating team, and it’s very hard to argue with his grade. There was hardly a moment this season that I felt like Bayern dominated. They may have beat up on some bad teams, but I never sat there believing that they looked great. Their poor performances, and bad tactics has also increased the narrative the Bundesliga is the “Farmers League”. Stars didn’t put on star performances, the manager changed a winning formula, and it was frustrating as hell to watch them this season.

Both losses were humiliating, but the players carried themselves as if it didn’t bother them. Bayern dealt with some significant injuries and players missing time this season. When Joshua Kimmich and Alphonso Davies were out there was a noticeable difference. However, the club had the pieces to make up for their absences, so there’s no way I’m going to allow anybody to use injuries as an excuse. Bayern never look like a championship team the entire season.  

Anybody who pays attention to me on Twitter knows that I was never a big fan of the Julian Nagelsmann signing. The now German National manager Hansi Flick gave the Bayern players the champion mentality. He played an aggressive style of soccer, and it was intimidating to play Bayern, and from time-to-time, you would see teams fold under the pressure. No team was intimidated. The tension between Hasan Sailhamizic (Brazzo) and Flick was well documented, and it’s clear that both Brazzo and Bayern’s board forced Flick’s decision to leave. 

To sum it all up, I don’t know what else can be said about this Bayern team. They lacked a lot of everything this season, and failed to come close to living up to their expectations. This is a season to learn from. Nagelsmann needs to take control of the locker room, and needs to inspire the players. The board needs to sign defenders. The players need to play more inspired. Everything needs to be better. 

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