Best Day Ever: Senior Citizens Home Hires Pole Dancer To Perform In Front Of The Residents

Mr. Epidermis Apr 14, 2022

Via New York Post Save your dollar bills. These seniors are shaking their moneymakers for free.

A video showing a professional pole dancer — and her enthusiastic elder audience — performing at a senior center has gone viral with nearly 14 million views on TikTok since last week.

Embla Bergli, a dancer and aerial artist from Olso, Norway, was hired for a seasonal shindig that called for “spectacular entertainment,” she told The Post, and found herself in a recreation room full of retirees recently.

Bergli, 27, was booked to display her pole skills for members of a local mental health advocacy group, but it wasn’t long before her audience became the true stars of the show and had their turn — quite literally — at the pole.

“I was very excited to see how they would react,” the fit, blonde Bergli told The Post. “They all loved it, and it was so fun to watch them try the pole themselves.

“My show lasted for maybe 10 minutes, but I was there for over an hour after, talking with them and showing them some tricks — and writing autographs!” she added. “Super cute.”

“You know it’s been a successful night when you end up writing autographs,” Bergli even concluded her TikTok montage, which showed her signing slips of paper for her newfound fans.

Whoever is in charge of the activities committee at Golden Acres Retirement home deserve a medal. Not only did they possibly raise the bar for all old folks homes in the world they added at LEAST 10 years onto some of the old men’s lives.

Introducing Embla Bergli who put on a pole dancing masterclass on this old folks home. I imagine these people gained an extra 5 years of life just watching Embla do her thing. Probably the most fun they’ve experienced in decades.

Full props to Embla and the director of this old age home for actually caring about their residents. I mean how cute are all the old folks trying the pole out for themselves after the fact. Embla even signed a few autographs.

Mr. Epidermis

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