Buffalo Bills As Irrelevant on The National Stage As They’ve Ever Been, And It’s Their Own Fault

Jun 5, 2022

The Buffalo Bills want respect, but they still act like Bill Belichick’s baby brother. 

The Buffalo Bills have arguably the best roster in the NFL. Josh Allen is arguably the best QB in the NFL. Yet, instead of celebrating their new found success, instead of ignoring the teams under them and focusing on their strongest opponents, the Bills Mafia and its media, are still focused on the New England Patriots. 

Bills’ pregame and halftime host Nate Geary took time out of his day to comment on the Patriots, despite the tweet being about all 32-teams around the NFL.

The Patriots have left a bad taste in a lot of fan bases mouths, especially after dominating the AFC East for almost two decades, and winning six Super Bowl championships in that timeframe. However, Bills’ fans have to punch up, not down. The Bills have won the East in back-to-back seasons, it’s time the Bills Mafia acts like it.

In the vlog below, Ray Rauth from the Dear Pats Nation podcast has a chat with the Bills Mafia and reminds them to focus on teams like the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals, instead of focusing all of their time on the Patriots.


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