Bills Mafia Won’t Shut Up About Their F’N Punter

May 2, 2022

The NFL Draft has come and gone. The Buffalo Bills traded up in the first round for a cornerback. They added a brand new weapon for Josh Allen by drafting a homerun running back that contributes both in the passing and run game. Yet, all Bills Mafia keeps talking about his their fucking punter.

I’ve got no problem with Matt Araiza, he was seen as one of the best punters in the 2022 NFL Draft. My problem is the Bills Mafia acting like they cloned Josh Allen so there are two of them on the field at all times.

THIS IS MY POINT EXACTLY! When the Bills offense was rolling at the end of the season they didn’t punt. Guess what? The Bills offense got better during the offseason, and as much I appreciate special teams, punter is probably going to be the Bills least important position on the team.




Fuck this irritating.

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