Blockbuster: Russell Wilson Traded To The Broncos

Mar 8, 2022

Well fuck, don’t I look stupid? . 

“I believe he’ll be a Seahawk in 2022. I know that Wilson and Carroll could be putting on a front, but I don’t think Wilson will be on the move. I know we’ve heard the Indianapolis Colts rumours, but I’m not buying it. Wilson would have been traded already and offers would be public.” 

I wrote that little gem about a week ago, because in my head, at this point of the offseason, with no rumours running around, there was no way the Seattle Seahawks were going to trade Russell Wilson. 

Adam Schefter confirmed my stupidity today.

He all have to take out L’s from time-to-time, and I’m going to eat this one. 

You know who isn’t taking an L, the Seahawks and the Broncos. 

Seattle was in desperate need of a rebuild, and they weren’t going to be able to put a team around Wilson. At this point we don’t know the full compensation, but it sounds like multiple first round picks, and that will put the Seahawks in a position to start quickly rebuilding their team. 

The Broncos needed a quarterback, and Russell Wilson is a hell of a quarterback to get their hands on. My very early assessment is, both teams won this trade (For what my opinions worth at the moment). 

The AFC West is now crazy loaded with quarterback talen. Patrick Mahomes (KC), Justin Herbert (LA), Russell Wilson (DEN), Derek Carr (LV).  

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