Pitching Collapse Leads To Blue Jays Blowing Big Lead & Losing 12-6 To Rangers

Apr 10, 2022

It turns out that no matter how good your lineup is, pitching still matters and the Toronto Blue Jays learned this the hard way in their series finale loss to the Rangers. 

The Toronto Blue Jays blew a 6-1 lead and fell to the Texas Rangers 12-6. This marks the Blue Jays first loss of the season. The reaction on social media was still pretty positive, with only a few doom and gloomers. One trend that did continuously keep popping up, people are concerned about the Blue Jays pitching.

We knew the undefeated season would come to an end this week, and with a series against the New York Yankees coming up, perhaps getting the loss out of the way now could be a good thing. Clearly this loss wasn’t ideal, and pitching being bad two out of three games doesn’t fill us up with a warm and fuzzy feeling. I’ll take a series win any day of the week. Remember the best teams in baseball are going to lose 55+ games, so let’s not overreact over the first loss of the season.

If Matt is going to react to every loss like this, it’s going to be a long season. I know on the day that the Blue Jays pitching gave up 12-runs this sounds stupid, but Toronto won 4-3 yesterday. The Bullpen was perfect for four innings, and the offense didn’t need to score 7+ to get the win. It’s early in the season, Spring Training was different this season. If we’re still having this conversation at the end of May, then I might be reacting more like this.


This is the kind of attitude I can get behind. If you’re a Toronto Blue Jays’ fan, let’s just focus on kicking the shit out of the Yankees. I also want to throw this warning out there, Yankee stadium is going to produce home runs. So the Jays mashers should be cranking them out of the yard, but so will the Yankees players. It’s one of the series where I’m expecting the kind of games we seen this weekend in Toronto, so don’t lose your shit if we get a lot of fireworks, and not a whole lot of pitching battles.


This is the one argument I have a problem finding a positive spin. If Hyun Jin Ryu had shown consistency heading into this season, I would just continue harping that it’s early, nota real Spring Training, etc… The issue is, we track back to Ryu shitting the bed to last August. So he is a concern. That being said, maybe we need to put things in perspective. When Ryu joined the team, he was supposed to be the Blue Jays ace. He’s currently third in the rotation (Which only matters the first week of the season and the postseason), maybe he’s more like the four or five guy. That’s not fucking bad, we just have to have realistic expectations.

I was done and then I read this one. I’m taking a deep breath, and I’m remembering that a lot of these tweets are coming off a pretty bad loss, and a terrible pitching collapse. That being said, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that we shouldn’t expect Toronto’s pitchers to be bounced as early as they have been. Do you really expect Jose Berrios to get bounced in the first inning his next start? Kevin Gausman was on a pitch count, pitched his five innings, and then the bullpen was lights out. The team is going to be better than they were last season, and they just won their first series of the new season. Let’s chill the fuck out, and not start writing this team off when they still havve 159-games left to play. 

Here’s my final take. I fucking love this Blue Jays team. They are going to be so fun to watch this season, and we can’t treat every loss like it’s the end of the world. I got a DM this morning from somebody telling me that the Blue Jays were going to win the World Series, and you know what? I didn’t even argue with him… because he’s probably fucking right.

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