Blue Jays Bull Pen Coach Matt Bushmann Caught Aaron Judges 61st Home Run Ball And Gave It Back To Him, His Fox Sports Reporter Wife Is Furious And Is Threatening Divorce

Sep 29, 2022

Meet Fox News sports reporter Sara Walsh. Her husband is Toronto Blue Jays bullpen coach Matt Buschmann. After a massive blunder by a Blue Jays fan who had the million dollar ball in his hands and dropped it, it apparently fell right into the hands of Matt.

My dude, Frankie Lasagna. Yes, that is his real name, fumbled the bag big time. He had a million bucks in his hand and dropped it.

Come on Frankie. Be better. Back to the bigger story here. The ball fell into the hands of Jays bullpen coach Matt Buschmann. Matt decided to be the nicest guy of the decade and just GIVE THE BALL BACK to Aaron Judge and the Yankees at no cost. Meanwhile, Matt’s wife Sara is battling hurricane Ian and hoping their house doesn’t have the roof ripped off. Upon further investigation by Sara she found out Matt gave the ball back and is now filing for divorce. ( this is a joke, I think)

Upon even further investigation Matt Buschmann may be the nicest guy in all of sports.

Wow! What a guy. Has a million dollars in his hands and does the honourable thing and gives it back to Judge. Creating this amazing moment post game, where Judge took said ball and gave it to his mom.

That’s nice. I am happy for him. For Matt on the other hand has one furious wife to go home to. (if their home is even there) God speed Matt.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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