Blue Jays’ Fans Digging MLB Saves Leader Jordan Romano

May 1, 2022

How fun are the Toronto Blue Jays? They have the potential MVP in Vladimir Guerrero Jr, a Gold Glover in Matt Chapman, and a hitting machine in George Springer. The Blue Jays also have the MLB saves leader.

Blue Jays fans are clearly excited about this, and it was difficult for me to find a lot of negative takes. Let’s take a look at what Jays fans are saying.

I absolutely love when fans give players pep talks on Twitter, as if Romano actually read it. But  I have to agree with Leah. For reasons I can’t figure out, I don’t look at Jordan Romano and think of some of the all time closers. However, what I see and what’s happening are two different things. Romano just steps on the mound and fucking dominates. I can’t explain why I don’t feel confident, but who gives a shit how I feel, just keep being you Jordan.

You can always tell an OG from a new fan, however it’s hard to disagree. Duane Ward and Tom Henke are Toronto legends for a reason, and you always felt good when they were on the mound. If Ramoano keeps this pace up he will go down as one of the closers in Blue Jays history. 

Sidenote, I met Henke and Ward a few years ago while attending an event put on by the Fergie Jenkins foundation. I met a ton of Hall of Famers and former Jays. While most guys just shook my hand and waved me on, Ward and Heneke gave me a ton of time, signed a ball for me, made sure I was okay with the signature locations, chatted with me about the 80’s and 90’s, and then unprompted both stood up and offered to take a picture with me. What can’t be seen, but I’ll never forget, Gaylord Perry (A fucking gem himself) took the picture for us.

I’ve met a lot of ball players, if you’re interested to find out who are gems and who are dicks, hit me up on Twitter and I’ll let you know.

Let’s get back to Romano.

I have no idea what this fucking means, but I know The Show is a video game, so I assume he’s being disrespected and not being seen as one of the top closers in baseball. I have no idea how they figure that shit out, but maybe they’re like me, maybe they watch him and don’t feel good about him, even though he’s tearing it up. Do people really get that upset about video game rankings? I know Madden rankings could cause WW3, does The Show have the same impact? Any gamers that could help me understand? 

Anyways, Jordan Romano is fucking stud, and regardless of my bad feelings everytime he takes the mound, Toronto fans got to be fucking hyped by this guy.

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