Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins Must Have Been Eating Farts In The Off Season

Feb 27, 2019

One of the lasting legacies of Martin Streek.  He asked me once if I had been eating farts after I said something stupid.  I bogied it for this post. RIP Streeker.

Ross just told someone at the MLB Network Vlad Jr Isn’t a Major League Ball Player yet because he’s a sneaky dick who’s trying to get an extra year of arb from Vlad.


The Score: “Our, vision, it really comes down to development, so I just don’t see him as a major-league player,” Atkins said Tuesday on MLB Network Radio. “Pencil him in, it’s done. He’s 19 and he has accomplished everything that you can accomplish as an offensive player.”

Atkins said there are “so many opportunities for him defensively” to “really maximize the power and the size and the strengths that he has.” The Jays general manager said in mid-February the team won’t rush Guerrero to the majors in order to allow him to become “the best possible third baseman” he can be.

Guerrero is widely considered the best prospect in baseball, but the timeline for his big-league debut remains unclear, despite his otherworldly minor numbers.

He slashed a gaudy .381/.437/.636 with 20 home runs and 78 RBIs across four minor-league levels last season en route to the 2018 Minor League Player of the Year Award.

No Way What GIF by White Owls Inc

What a transparent boob.  I get the same feeling reading Ross Atkins comments as I do when I know my kids are lying to me but I let them do it anyway.

It makes absolutely ZERO sense to leave Vlad in the minors.  Zero.

He’s the Best Prospect in all of Baseball, and has been for two years.

Your team sucks ass and you need to sell tickets.

He has nothing left to learn or prove in AAA offensively, and wouldn’t you want to accelerate his defensive progress by putting him in a situation to do so???

Ross Atkins is THAT guy in your office who never offends anyone, always says nothing, and does what he’s told.  He’s nothing more than a puppet with some metro glasses.  He’s not a good General Manager.  He just talks like one.  The problem is when he talks like a General Manager, he thinks we’re too stupid to catch the bait and switch he’s pulling with a fan base that’s sick and tired of his shit.

Blair made a good point last night.

Fair.  Blair is Baseball and knows all the parties involved so maybe The Jays are promising low in hopes they can deliver high.

Sure hope that’s the case because I’m openly cheering for the Yankees this year if we don’t see Vlad in Toronto before July 1.





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