Blue Jays: How stupid do the “Trade Bo” people look now?

Sep 6, 2022

The Toronto Blue Jays faced off against the Baltimore Orioles in a doubleheader on Monday and won both games. How big were those wins for the Blue Jays? 

Monday’s wins are massive for Toronto’s playoff hopes. Baltimore has been right up their ass, and I mentioned yesterday that this series could crush one of the two teams. Here’s the excellent news. Regardless of Tuesday or Wednesday, the worst-case scenario for Toronto is they have a 1.5-game lead over Baltimore. Splitting the series had to be the worst result for the Blue Jays, and they’ve already accomplished that. Now that Toronto can play with house money, hopefully, the Orioles will play tight, and the Blue Jays can win at least one more game.

Bo Bichette had a monster day for the Blue Jays Monday, collecting six hits, seven RBIs, and three home runs over two games against the Orioles. How stupid do the “Trade Bo” people look now? 

Right around the trade deadline, this conversation was happening. I would make my short drive to work and listen to idiots on the radio dreaming up Bo Bichette trade scenarios. And why? Because according to some members of the Toronto sports media, the league had figured Bo out, and it was time to move on. They believed it was time to move on from a 24-year-old kid with superstar potential. It wasn’t just the media. I saw the same conversation happening on Twitter, and it was cringe-worthy. What’s hilarious is that all the Jays fans are pumping their chest today, thrilled that Bo is with Toronto. This is an example of why it’s essential to be patient. Let the kid figure it out. I can’t promise you he’s not going to slump again. However, look how beautiful it is when everything is working.

George Springer came up clutch in game one of the doubleheader, starting an RBI in the ninth inning that saw the Blue Jays extend their one-run lead to a four-run lead. Should we even be surprised anymore when Springer comes through in the clutch? 

I have been a fan of George Springer. I don’t care that he cheated with the Houston Astros. Since changing from football to all sports in July, I have been hyper-focused on the Blue Jays. What I can tell you is, if I met Springer, I would fan boy out. He’s as fucking clutch as it gets, and I love watching him at the plate. A couple of weeks ago, I had a weak moment when I wrote that the Blue Jays could ride Springer to the World Series. I don’t believe the Jays have a chance to get there. However, if Toronto was going to win a championship, you better believe Springer would probably be the MVP.

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