Board Wars: Two Angry Neighbours Fire Wooden Planks At Each Other Over A Fence

Jan 28, 2019

Two angry residents were caught on camera hurling planks of wood and a broom over a fence at each other. I’ll be honest I am not sure what could have happened between these two that it escalated to this.

If you have any ideas please comment. I’d say they must be American. Weed just became legal here in the great white north and I doubt anyone would be acting this way. We are way too calm, cool and collected. The best part of this video is when the guy on the rights wife comes out to join the party. She gets a few good planks in, but now this is not a fair fight. She goes back inside and comes out with the broom. BAAAA GAWD NOT THE BROOM( Jim Ross voice), if you don’t get the reference kids, look it up. Eventually the two genius’ run out of wood and go back inside.

People in 2019 are insane, but they sure make for some great content. We’re completely screwed as a human race but we might as well laugh on the way down.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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