Coward Corner: BlogTO Calls Local Pizza Places In Toronto Warning Them Not To Serve Barstool President Dave Portnoy

Apr 26, 2022

BOLD STRATEGY, COTTON!! In every sense of the word. BlogTO woke up and chose violence today against Barstool Sports president Dave Portnoy, who is in Toronto for the week. Apparently, they called around warning pizza places not to serve or rescind their invite to Portnoy because of his ‘allegations’.

Do you not pay attention, BlogTO? Do you not know what Dave does to people who try and blacklist him? I mean, come on. Here is part of their blog.

Via BlogTO He announced he’d be visiting Toronto in a video posted to his social media, to the delight of many restaurants and food lovers.

One of the things Portnoy is particularly known for doing on those channels is reviewing food, specifically pizza in his “One Bite Pizza Reviews.”

It’s possible some Toronto restaurants just aren’t aware of the controversy swirling around him and are offering him food in the hopes of getting some promotion on his super popular social media channels.

“Yes!!!!” Mark’s Pizzas commented. “Hope to see you Dave,” commented Ambassador Pizza.

“Hey Dave hit me up my guy,” wrote Patterson’s Pizza. “I got the best 6.7 you’ll ever have.” Local restaurateur Adrian Niman tagged his restaurant Blondies Pizza, Dino’s Pizza tagging itself.

“Hey Dave, come give our pizza a try,” wrote mainstay Pizzeria Libretto.

“Come by Rosina’s,” wrote Rosina. “We’ve placed 2nd in the world at the Las Vegas pizza expo this year.” Associated restaurant Taverniti tagged all the restaurants in their group, writing, “let’s goooooo.”

Italian bakery San Remo had offered Portnoy food in a comment, but changed their mind about it after blogTO reached out, and the Taverniti restaurants were also unaware of the allegations. Ambassador has also retracted their invitation.

“We were unaware about the allegations,” a rep from San Remo told blogTO when asked about inviting him to come over for a bite, saying they had been following his pizza adventures. “We are no longer interested in having him come after you have brought this to our attention.”

“We would not have invited him to come by as we are a family operated and oriented restaurant,” a rep from Rosina tells blogTO.

Dino’s owner Dino Ari is less concerned, though also said he wasn’t aware of any allegations.

“I like him because he promotes for local pizza stores. I don’t know what are the allegations about him,” Ari tells blogTO.

“If he did anything bad and guilty the court will punish him. For pizza, I would like him come to my pizza shop and try the best wood burning pizza in Toronto. I would like to know his comment because he is an expert.”

Hahahahah. Like, what’s the end game BlogTO? If it was to have people talk about your fluff website, it’s working. Hell, I’m talking about you. Like Dave or hate him, he does amazing things for small businesses and every single pizza place he goes to and reviews has a lineup out the door the next day. Like it or not, the Barstool effect is REAL.

Want to know the BIGGEST coward move by BlogTO? No one put their name on the article. When you look to see who wrote this, it just says “Staff”. Even their anonymous Twitter account is acting tough.

Dave offered for their editor to come on his show tomorrow to discuss.

When you read this blog, it says my name on it in the by-line because I want all the smoke. That’s called putting your name behind something and not hiding behind a brand. Be better BlogTO bloggers.

Bad move, BlogTO. He’s addressed and squashed his allegations. Let the man come to Toronto and enjoy the week. Team Portnoy ALL DAY. North Of Brooklyn is ALL TIME by the way.

Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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