Bold Strategy Cotton: The Buffalo Bills Are Getting A New $1.4 Billion Dollar OUTDOOR Stadium

Mar 15, 2022

Via New York Post – The billionaire owner of the Buffalo Bills appears poised to get a record amount of public funding for a new stadium in what critics are calling an unprecedented giveaway.

Gov. Kathy Hochul — a Buffalo native — is expected to announce in the next several days a deal in which New York State and Erie County agree to pay nearly $1 billion toward a new $1.4 billion stadium that will be located next to the current one, sources close to the situation told The Post.

The proposal for public funding would be part of the New York budget that needs to be submitted by April 1 to the state Legislature. If it passes, the stadium, which would be designed by an architectural firm called Populous, would be open as soon as 2026.

Bills Owner Terry Pegula — a fracking mogul worth more than $7 billion — had threatened to move the team from Buffalo if he didn’t get public funding to build a new stadium.

A veteran New York government lobbyist says it appears government officials bought into the threat — even if it was a bluff. “Everyone in government folded like a cheap suit,” the lobbyist, who didn’t want to be named and isn’t involved in the negotiations, told The Post. “I am stunned.”

The lobbyist said it appears negotiations have happened behind closed doors, the lobbyist said. The lobbyist slammed the idea of Pegula’s team getting a billion dollars in public funding when there are more pressing needs like universal child care.

RIP to a real one. Orchard Park is/was one of the best times if you want to go see an NFL game. However, you need to have a shower immediately after. It’s not the greatest stadium or surrounding area.

However, there is good news on the horizon for the Bills. They have been approved to build a new stadium with 1 billion dollars of public funding because their owner who owns half of Buffalo is a cheap POS. Want to hear the biggest joke of it all. They are keeping it an outdoor stadium. I’m sorry what?

VIA BUFFALO NEWS As if it were not clear enough before, Gov. Kathy Hochul said it again Friday: The next Buffalo Bills stadium won’t have a dome.

That’s what the team has indicated, and now it’s what Hochul is saying, too.

During her Friday news conference, Hochul answered a question from The News about whether a future Bills stadium will have a fully covered roof.

“When there is 18 inches of snow on the ground, a dome always sounds better,” said Hochul, referring to the lake-effect storm that pelted Buffalo this week. “But I do believe that part of the culture of the Buffalo experience is to have the outdoor.”

Hochul was echoing the sentiments of Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula, who have indicated through representatives that they prefer an open-air stadium.

What a mistake. You have the best QB in the NFL right now who has one of the best arms we’ve seen in years and you are going to drop 1.4 billion on a stadium and handicap him with making it open-air. For the reason that people get the “Buffalo experience”. Give me a break. Who and/why are these people allowed to make decisions? If you have Josh Allen in a dome I guarantee 4 more wins each season and the possibility of hosting a Super Bowl.

I hate to dig up old wounds to hammer my point home but do we not remember that game against the Patriots that made Bills fans lose their minds last year? You know that game where there were 40KM hour winds, Bill Belichick ran the football 200 times and the Bills got pumped?

I remember it and so does Bills Mafia. There is such an easy solution to avoid this ever happening again, BUILD A FRIGGEN DOME! I said in the title bold strategy cotton. Buffalo is always going to Buffalo with the Pegulas at the helm.

PS: With a dome, you have a much less chance of a game-winning field goal going wide right. Oooooh. Sorry, too soon Bills Mafia?


Chris Rooke

Content Director-Producer-Writer

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