Bonus Podcast W Daren Millard & Matthew Barnaby: Auston Matthews Weird New Extension W The Leafs

Feb 6, 2019

CLICK HERE for the bonus podcast on Auston Matthews record setting extension with the Leafs

We tackle:

-The Matthews deal and how it’s spread out and how much money we think he’s going to make next year with endorsements.  Ladies, get to know Auston Matthews.

-Barnaby is excellent because he looks at it like he was born 25 years too early as an NHL player and while I don’t feel sorry for him, I sort of do because the money is so insane in real time.  Thirty-two million over two years.   F Word.

-Daren is outstanding because he’s a world-class hockey analyst, so he analyzed the shit out of what this means for Marner

-Don’t get me wrong, I love it, and it’s only something a team with a bank account like the Leafs can do.

-what would we buy?

-how does the contract break down?

-is Mitch Marner’s dad gonna be angry???

-is Mitch Angry???

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