Brazillian Singer Rushed To Hospital After Holding In Her Farts Too Long Around Her Boyfriend

Mr. Epidermis Mar 23, 2022

We’ve all been there in the early stages of a relationship. You want to make a good impression on your girlfriend/boyfriend but unfortunately, you went for Mexican on your second date. You ordered the triple cheese and bean burrito and went back to their house for some dessert.

As soon as things start getting hot and heavy the stomach starts to rumble and you know what is about to be unleashed. You hold it in so hard that your stomach does that weird gurgling noise sounding like a bomb is about to explode. You do the deed then leave and unleash the biggest fart known to man on the front porch or in your car.

I guess Brazillian singer Pocah did not get the memo of going outside. Pocah held in her farts for so long she was rushed to hospital and hospitalized with trapped gas. What a shitty situation. Next time head outside Pocah, but don’t rip it so loud you alert the Ring Door camera.

Mr. Epidermis

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